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This division is limited to those few legendary individuals that have left a lasting impact on the development, history, teaching and practice of martial arts. Nominations for this Division must be approved by the HoF Executive Board. Nominations may be made posthumously.

Pioneer Award
John Sells

Founder's Award
Leon Wright
Dr Kevin D Hufford
Seifuku Nitta
Larry D. Isaac
Frank D. Williams

Living Legend Award
Kenneth Balliet
Anthony Sandoval

Albert Mady



Inductees should be 3rd Degree Black Belt or higher for inclusion into the UMAA HoF Division.

Mike Hancock "Modern Warrior" Award
James Gifford

Ken Penland "Outstanding Jujitsu" Award

Johhny Lupton - Jui Jitsu Ireland

Most Distinguished Board Member
Polly Melick

Woman of the Year
Dana Stamos - USADOJO.com

Man of the Year
Al Smith

Award of Courage
Latasha M. Young

Humanitarian of the Year
Willam E. Coleman Jr.

Grandmaster of the Year
Thomas P. Muncy
John Crudup
Bart Ganster
Michael DePasquale Jr
Setep Bey

Grandmaster Instructor of the Year
Kevin McGrath
Peter Carbone

Platinum Life Achievement of the Year (over 50 yrs. in the arts)
Professor Jospeh Yerkes, Soke

Golden Life Achievement of the Year (over 40 yrs. in the arts)
Ridgely Abele
Dr. Juan Ortero Jr
Don Dike
George Alexander
Jeffrey J. Burlingame
Ken Morgan
Eddie Burgos
Dr. Carl Bennett

Silver Life Achievement of the Year (over 30 yrs. in the arts)
Alan Cheung
Dixie Lee Webb
Matt Molineux

John Chatwood
Paul J. Cote
George Bierman
Duke Swain
James Webster
Barbara A. Meling, PhD

Bronze Life Achievement of the Year (over 25 yrs. in the arts)
Dayne C. Walz Sr.
Gary Melick
Polly Melick

School of the Year (Regional, National, International)
Corey Waiters

Martial Arts Organization of the Year (Regional, National, International)
Karl Kazuo Hovey

Leadership in the Martial Arts
Dale Miller
Shannon Reissman
Lizette Duteil
Miguel P. Velez
Patricia B. Webster

Master Instructor of the Year
Ace Ramirez
Walter T. Holmes

Ronnie Dargan

David Taylor
John Cox
Jann Aki
Dwayne Eaddy
John O. Hernandez
Steven M. Jackson
Joe Webb
Paul Sabota
G.Todd Collins
J. Barrett Crook

Master Weapons Instructor of the Year
Danita Clarke

Instructor of the Year

George Yulee
Ronald C Mattingly
Michael Ayala
Kevin J. Kline
Kevin Bonner

Regional Instructor of the Year
Janelle Sandoval
Deborah Collins
Ryuji Williams
Garry Parker
Julio Pagan
Mike Ciraco

Showmanship Award (Demonstrations)
Joche Zapata

Outstanding Demo Team Leader
Lee Peregoff

Male Forms Competitor of the Year
Matthew Jones

Female Forms Competitor of the Year
Karen Ware

Tournament Promoter of the Year - National
John Chung


Police,  Firefighters, and Military personnel are our unsung hero's and deserve the special recognition and prestige of our Hall of Fame Awards. Universal Martial Arts Association is proud to be the first to recognize them for their courage, commitment, and sacrifice to their communities.

  Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Award
Peter Ashooh

Law Enforcement Educator of the Year - (Books, Seminars, Lectures)
Amy Hancock

    Outstanding Contributions to National Defense (Any Branch includes Civilians)
Charles Prosser

Unsung Hero's Award
Tracy Dunn



Recipients should be those special and deserving individuals that will lead us into tommorow and become the future Masters of Martial Arts. Open to all ranks and ages.
This is a "Recognition" Division not Inductions into our Hall of Fame.

Budo Spirit Award
Kenneth Schenck
Kazuma Nitta
Charles Morris
G.I. Meece
O'Delia E. Walz
Alexander Merrell
Willard Baird

Rocque Di Domenico

Student of the Year
Kelli Ross

Jr. Leadership Award
Caylie Reissman

Jr. Life Achievement Award (over 10 yrs. in the arts)
Zachary Thomas
Wesley Baird

Assistant Instructor of the Year
David McGrew
Greg Molchanov
Paige Helaney
Patricia Linger

Jr. Female National Fighter of the Year
Eileen T. Burke

Jr. Male National Fighter of the Year
Chucky Mady

Outstanding Dedication to the Arts
Deneen Forsythe
Kathy McGrew

Colleen Caroll
Eric Holmes
Fred Butler
Hubert Middleton



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